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Rocketfuel Social delivers affordable, no-contract social media plans starting at just $149 a month.

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Small Business Social Media Management
Rocketfuel Social Media Plans for Small Business

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Complete Social Media Management
Starting at $149 a Month

Rocketfuel Social delivers all-inclusive social media packages with down-to-earth pricing. We’ve ditched the contracts, kept the prices low, and made everything super simple. We’re already trusted by a universe of businesses who are now soaring towards success.

Rocketfuel Social Media Plans for Small Business

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We’re here for the heart and soul of our communities: independent solopreneurs, family-run storefronts, and small but mighty enterprises. We understand your mission, and we’re here to help you navigate the digital cosmos.

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Starting at just $149 a month, you’ll get an entire crew creating original content just for your business.

Affordable Social Media Plans for Small Businesses

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“The team at Rocketfuel Social is organized, has quick communication response times, and does a great job learning your business needs before expertly helping you promote via social media and other. They are always willing to listen, make any needed adjustments, and care about supporting locally owned businesses. Thank you Rocketfuel for your quality work and care for our business.”

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