Balancing Business and Social Media

Social media is an essential tool for modern businesses. It is a proven way for companies to reach customers, build awareness, and generate leads. But keeping up with all the sharing, posting, and engagement takes time and dedication. So how do you balance social media management with all the other tasks of running your business?

For solopreneurs and small business owners, finding time for social media amid client work can be challenging. You may love the connections social creates, but struggle to sustain it between other priorities. This creates a problem, social media is undoubtedly a way to further your business and promote products, but the process is time-consuming. 

The good news is, that with some planning, or by engaging the services of a professional, you can maintain an engaging social presence without becoming overwhelmed. 

Here are practical tips for balancing business and social media –

Get Strategic 

Maintaining a good social media presence can benefit from solid planning. Before positing to your social channels, take time to step back and define your social media strategy. Decide which platforms make the most sense for your audience and goals and focus on them. Trying to manage every site can quickly lead to burnout. 

Focus on the 1 or 2 networks that generate results and determine which type of posts work best; photos, carousels, or video. Outline the topics and content types you will share across each platform. Planning content calendars or editorial themes keeps your messaging consistent while saving creative effort. 

Schedule Regular Time 

Consistency and repetition are keys to social media success. But this is only possible when you intentionally schedule social media time into your calendar and protect that time as part of your working week. Social media growth requires regular investment and commitment and if it’s just not possible to make time, then it may be worth outsourcing the work to a professional social media management team like Rocketfuel Social to avoid time constraints.

Optimize Your Processes

Look for ways to streamline your processes for creating and sharing content, the easier your workflow, the less time social media requires. Tools that enable you to batch-create social posts and schedule them out in advance can be a great time-saver. Automate with notifications, RSS feeds, and customer service responses when possible to handle repetitive social tasks faster. Automation tools can connect your channels and make maintaining a schedule easier.

Repurpose Existing Content 

Creating fresh new content constantly demands time and brain power. Repurposing existing blog posts, videos, emails, and other materials lightens the load substantially. Turn written content into snackable social media posts by splitting it into shorter excerpts or pulling out engaging stats and quotes. Promote your content across multiple networks to maximize exposure.

Collaborate and Curate

Creating all social media content from scratch takes time, this is when using the services of a social media management company brings some real benefits. You can engage colleagues, industry experts, and even brand advocates to generate content, but a professional team will ensure that you get the most mileage and engagement from contributed posts. 


If you find social media tasks consume too much of your own time and distract your from the running of your business, outsourcing to Rocketfuel Social’s team offers a sleek and affordable solution. Social media professionals and agencies can handle research, draft a volume of posts, monitor messages, and handle reporting at higher rates than you alone, making your social media posting schedule consistent and smoother. 

Final words

The many benefits of social media make it worth prioritizing and using some effective time-management strategies can make it less of a chore. A professional social media management team like Rocketfuel Social can help you keep your social presence active without becoming overwhelmed and maintain a strong social presence alongside your core business at reasonable monthly prices.

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